Missing cat Lomi

January 2024

Lost Animals Collaborative (LAC) Testimonial: I reached out to Karen after my cat Lomi had been missing for nearly a week. At that point, I was absolutely desperate to find her and concerned in case she got locked somewhere without access to water. Karen was very quick to respond despite contacting her over the festive period. Throughout the entire process it was clear that Karen’s priority was to help us find our cat rather than concern over some form of a financial gain. Upon her first attempt of contacting Lomi she provided me with a great description of where Lomi might be giving me a very clear idea as to where to head to next on our search. Fortunately, three hours later Lomi returned home and we had no need to continue with our search. I’m convinced that Karen reaching out to Lomi gave her the reassurance and confidence she needed to find her way back home. She was very hungry but otherwise well. We are extremely grateful to have had Karen’s help. I wish I knew of her services sooner as it could have saved us a lot of worry and heartache. I very much hope never to need her help again but should such a situation arise, I would reach out to Karen straight away! Dominika Sieradzka-MacCuirc

Missing cat Wilbur

Lost Animals Collaborative (LAC) Testimonial: When Wilbur my friend’s house cat went missing, after 3 days we all became fraught with worry especially as he was on prescribed medication. I contacted the LAC and spoke to Karen and her colleague Stacey, who were able to communicate with Wilbur to help us find him and to tell him to be brave and come back. We were relieved to know he was alive but just lost very near the house. They gave us reassurance about roughly where his location was so we were able to really focus our searching there. They told Wilbur to make his way home, he was frightened and confused by his surroundings because he was not used to being outside of his house environment. He eventually came home in the middle of the night 2 days later. He was safe again! We cannot thank Karen and Stacey enough for their kindness, help and support during this difficult time. Jenny.

Marco & Tim the cats

During the session, Karen connected with not only my two current cats but my cat that passed many years ago. The cat that had passed was a very special cat who had unique behaviours that Karen was able to describe. This connection will be treasured deeply. Karen was also able to perfectly describe the dynamics and relationship of my current two cats without actually seeing them interacting together and gave me valuable insight which has enriched my relationship with them. I would recommend Karen to anyone who wants to connect with their animals on a deeper level. Rachel.

Millie the Dog & Summer the Hamster

The communications Karen did with Millie and Summer, my beloved dog and hamster were amazing. The communications were reassuringly accurate and captured both of their personalities and individual quirks. I'd highly recommend Karen, she's kind, caring and helps to bring our passed loved ones light back into our hearts 💕 Jo

Leo the cat

The sessions that Karen did with Leo were incredible, full of accurate information about him. It was reassuring to know from the meetings that Leo could confirm he enjoyed only chicken cat food! Leo also was very specific about liking the little fish shape biscuits I had bought him, rather than the other types of treats. He also let Karen know he didn’t wander far beyond the end of my garden into the fields, and for me not to worry when he disappears over the fence. He told Karen he was 8 years old, which I knew already. It was a great way to gain knowledge and reassurance about Leo. I know Leo and me will benefit from these meetings and I highly recommend Karen to do the same for you too. Jenny