Chief rope chewer and lover of raw meat

Diesel told me twice about his rope. His companion sent me this photograph after the session, confirming that it is definitely his favourite toy. Diesel also showed me his large bed on the patio and told me that he loves eating raw meat and offal.


Toast-loving parrot

This shy boy just kept telling me about toast- and blueberries, and cake, and raisins - and coconut. He obviously likes his food. He also asked for a large bath to bathe in.


Ping pong champion

This lovely old cat was keen to communicate from spirit, telling me that he liked to play with ping pong balls (his owner kept a supply of them for him). Harvey also reminded his companion about loving being 'zipped up' with his daughter in her sleeping bag, when he was a kitten. These lovely memories helped to soften the grief of losing him.


Hamster fan of Emmerdale

This little hamster, who is in spirit, relayed to me that she was always let out of her cage in the evenings to watch soap operas with her guardian! She was also grateful for her wrapped presents at Christmas. She sent much love from spirit for her guardian.