LAC: Lost Animals Collaborative

There are usually at least three LAC communicators available to try and connect with your lost companion at any one time. We all try to 'tune in' multiple times too, while the search is ongoing, in case the animal is moving around.

I forward the results to you by email as they come in from each communicator (initially over 1-2 days and subsequently). Our collaborative communication effort means that we often 'receive' overlapping, or very similar, information or visual images and landmarks from the animal, which might provide a focus for the search. We can then arrange to connect via a Zoom call to discuss the findings and any feedback or questions that you might have. 

Sadly, of course, we are not able to guarantee that your animal will be found, but I can assure you that we all work from the heart to try our very best for a positive outcome in every case. All information received from the animal is passed on to you exactly as received, without our own judgement or interpretation, thereby allowing you to use it as you will to further the search. Please see our latest review below and on the 'Testimonials' page, and feel free to contact me using the enquiry form or by email for further details. You can also book this service straightaway, on the 'Book a Communication Session' LAC page.

WilburLAC Testimonial:

When Wilbur my friend’s house cat went missing, after 3 days we all became fraught with worry especially as he was on prescribed medication. I contacted the LAC and spoke to Karen and her colleague Stacey, who were able to communicate with Wilbur to help us find him and to tell him to be brave and come back. We were relieved to know he was alive but just lost very near the house. They gave us reassurance about roughly where his location was so we were able to really focus our searching there. They told Wilbur to make his way home, he was frightened and confused by his surroundings because he was not used to being outside of his house environment. He eventually came home in the middle of the night 2 days later. He was safe again! We cannot thank Karen and Stacey enough for their kindness, help and support during this difficult time. Jenny.