What is Animal Communication?

In case you are new to animal communication, I explain here what it is, and what I do, so that you know what to expect from a communication session. 

What it is: Animal Communication is a method of connecting telepathically with an animal (alive or in spirit). This is rather like a meditation, whereby, from a place of stillness, I aim to make a strong ‘love link’ via my heart and that of the animal. Once the link is made, I will usually begin to receive words, phrases and images from the animal, primarily via clairaudience and clairvoyance.

 What I do: My preferred method of communicating with an animal is remotely from a photograph, as I find that this allows me to form a much deeper and lengthy connection, without all the distractions of a moving animal or a live camera. I make detailed notes as I work, and it is then my job to relay exactly what I receive to you, the animal’s guardian. We can do this with a follow-up call via Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger or telephone.   

What you might expect: Each consultation lasts approximately 45 minutes (plus a follow-up call). Sometimes, the information I receive will seem strange or random to me and not make a lot of sense! Despite this, it is my responsibility to the animal to pass on exactly what I receive, without adding my own interpretation. For this reason, I suggest that during our live session or follow-up call, you might like to have a pen and paper available to jot things down. Some things might not mean anything immediately, but once you have had time to review them, they might jump out at you as something obvious or long forgotten. 

Fees:  Charging for this work allows me to continue doing what I love, and make my offering to the world.  The cost of a remote communication (including the feedback session) is £55; a live session is £75. Payment can be made via my WISE bank account prior to the consultation (details are on the Booking page). 

Charity donations: In addition to donations raised via my website, I will donate £5 from every consultation to Smokey Paws (https://www.smokeypaws.co.uk), an amazing non-profit organisation working to provide every UK fire engine with life-saving pet oxygen masks.  These masks have been used to save the lives of many animals rescued from fires and suffering from smoke inhalation. Survivors include dogs, cats, horses, snakes and even hamsters! Please see the donations page for further information.

Veterinary advice: Animal communication is not a substitute for professional veterinary diagnosis or intervention. Any information that I receive in relation to your animal that concerns you - or any existing health concerns should always be checked with your vet.   

Final Steps: To proceed, please send an e-mail to Karen@Emeraldhearts.co.uk with two photographs of your animal companion (living or in spirit). It’s great if I can see the eyes. I only need to know the animal’s name, age and gender. By not giving me any more information I am able to offer you evidence that I have truly connected with your animal. Following receipt of your fee and photographs, I will contact you to arrange a time for the live session and/or follow-up call. For remote sessions, I will aim to link with your animal companion as soon as my schedule allows (usually only a day or two).

Refund policy: During live consultations, if, after about 5 minutes, nothing that I relay makes any sense to you, it may mean that I have not made a successful ‘link’ with your animal. In which case, please let me know, and I will offer you a full refund. This rarely happens, however, and I can usually make a link,  especially if it is a remote session, as I can try again at another time. If you are unable to attend our scheduled live session or follow-up call, it should be possible to re-schedule at your convenience.

Finally, I really hope that you enjoy hearing what your animal has to say! 

*Disclaimer: all communication sessions are for entertainment purposes only.