Book a remote communication session with the LAC group today. Multiple animal communicators (currently up to 7) will attempt to connect with your lost animal and provide you with all information received. Our charge is £50/£60/£70, depending on your means or circumstances, with a large proportion of this donated to animal welfare charities. Please choose the amount that feels right for you.

  • Category: Lost Animal - collaborative reading
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
  • Location:Zoom Link

Price:£50 - £70



The LAC group currently has seven gifted animal communicators, all first class graduates of the Susie Shiner School of Seership and Animal Communication. Depending on the availability of individual LAC members at the time of your enquiry, we all connect separately to your lost animal companion. There are usually a minimum of four communicators available to provide readings at any one time.  I then forward the individual results to you by email and/or via a Zoom call. Our collaborative effort means that we sometimes 'receive' similar images or information from the animal, which can then be used to provide a focus for the search. Sadly, of course, we are not able to guarantee that your animal will be found, but I can assure you that we all work from the heart to try our very best for a positive outcome for every case. All information received from the animal is passed on to you exactly as received, without our own judgement or interpretation,  thereby allowing you to use it as you will to further the search. Please see our latest testimonials.