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Animal Communicator

Hear what your animal companions have to say


Marco & Tim the Cats

During the session, Karen connected with not only my two current cats but my cat that passed many years ago. The cat that had passed was a very special cat who had unique behaviours that Karen was able to describe. This connection will be treasured deeply. Karen was also able to perfectly describe the dynamics and relationship of my current two cats without actually seeing them interacting together and gave me valuable insight which has enriched my relationship with them. I would recommend Karen to anyone who wants to connect with their animals on a deeper level.

Missing cat Wilbur

Lost Animals Collaborative (LAC) Testimonial: When Wilbur my friend’s house cat went missing, after 3 days we all became fraught with worry especially as he was on prescribed medication. I contacted the LAC and spoke to Karen and her colleague Stacey, who were able to communicate with Wilbur to help us find him and to tell him to be brave and come back. We were relieved to know he was alive but just lost very near the house. They gave us reassurance about roughly where his location was so we were able to really focus our searching there. They told Wilbur to make his way home, he was frightened and confused by his surroundings because he was not used to being outside of his house environment. He eventually came home in the middle of the night 2 days later. He was safe again! We cannot thank Karen and Stacey enough for their kindness, help and support during this difficult time. Jenny.


Millie the Dog & Summer the Hamster

The communications Karen did with Millie and Summer, my beloved dog and hamster were amazing. The communications were reassuringly accurate and captured both of their personalities and individual quirks. I'd highly recommend Karen, she's kind, caring and helps to bring our passed loved ones light back into our hearts 💕


Leo the Cat

The sessions that Karen did with Leo were incredible, full of accurate information about him. It was reassuring to know from the meetings that Leo could confirm he enjoyed only chicken cat food! Leo also was very specific about liking the little fish shape biscuits I had bought him, rather than the other types of treats. He also let Karen know he didn’t wander far beyond the end of my garden into the fields, and for me not to worry when he disappears over the fence. He told Karen he was 8 years old, which I knew already. It was a great way to gain knowledge and reassurance about Leo. I know Leo and me will benefit from these meetings and I highly recommend Karen to do the same for you too.

If you talk to the animals, they will talk with you, and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them, you will not know them, and what you do not know, you will fear. What one fears, one destroys. Chief Dan George, Tsleil-Waututh.

I believe that we all have an innate ability to connect with the natural world, but the majority of us lose or 'forget' this ability as we grow. As a child I spoke intuitively with all my animals, which at one time included two cats, a dog, two chickens, 25 rabbits, a pit-pony and a jackdaw!

Today, through years of intensive study and a dedicated Shamanic spiritual practice I have 'remembered' how to connect with the animal and plant worlds. I am delighted (and honoured) to be able to connect remotely (or in person), with your animal companions, be they alive or in spirit. Focusing on an energetic emerald in my heart, gifted to me recently by a very special horse, I work quietly from a place of love, to link my heart with that of your animal. I am dedicated to bringing forth the true nature and thoughts of your animal, some of which may surprise you!

Contact me today to hear what your beloved animal friend has to say.

What is Animal Communication?

In case you are new to animal communication, here I explain briefly what it is, and what I do.

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Communicating with Trees

Did you know that trees talk? Well, they do. They talk to each other, and they'll talk to you if you listen. . . . I have learned a lot from trees: sometimes about the weather, sometimes about animals, sometimes about the Great Spirit. — Walking Buffalo

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Chief rope chewer and lover of raw meat

Diesel told me twice about his rope. His companion sent me this photograph after the session, confirming that it is definitely his favourite toy. Diesel also showed me his large bed on the patio and told me that he loves eating raw meat and offal.


Toast-loving parrot

This shy boy just kept telling me about toast- and blueberries, and cake, and raisins - and coconut. He obviously likes his food. He also asked for a large bath to bathe in.


Ping pong champion

This lovely old cat was keen to communicate from spirit, telling me that he liked to play with ping pong balls (his owner kept a supply of them for him). Harvey also reminded his companion about loving being 'zipped up' with his daughter in her sleeping bag, when he was a kitten. These lovely memories helped to soften the grief of losing him.


Hamster fan of Emmerdale

This little hamster, who is in spirit, relayed to me that she was always let out of her cage in the evenings to watch soap operas with her guardian! She was also grateful for her wrapped presents at Christmas. She sent much love from spirit for her guardian.

Emerald Hearts Cat-Sitting Service

I am also available for drop-in cat sitting (& for other animals), in and around the Newark-on-Trent area via the Cat in a Flat website

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LAC: Lost Animals Collaborative

The LAC group is a collaboration, currently of six animal communicators, all first class graduates of the Susie Shiner School of Seership and Animal Communication. Depending on the availability of individual LAC members at the time of your enquiry, we will each connect separately to your lost animal companion.

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Charity Donations
Emerald Hearts supports Smokey Paws, a non-profit organisation working to donate critical pet life saving oxygen masks to the UK’s fire services. In addition to funds raised via this Donation page, I will donate £5 from every communication session to Smokey Paws.

46% of households in the UK have pets and with over 40,000 house fires a year, it’s an unfortunate fact that pets die from smoke inhalation.

With your help, we can assist Smokey Paws to supply the UK fire services with life-saving pet oxygen masks - and help save the lives of more animals, big and small.

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