Since childhood I have had a deep connection to the land and the animal kingdom. I played barefoot in my garden from dawn till dusk, growing giant vegetables and attending to my menagerie of animals. That was my happy place. It seemed fitting, therefore, that I should continue having my hands in the soil throughout my adult life, and I became a professional archaeologist, working in some incredible places across the world. My love of animals was always in the background; I did my university work-experience with Chimpanzees and Orang Utans and, more recently, volunteered on passenger ferries, recording whales and dolphins in British waters for marine charities. During my adult life I have trained in the practices of meditation, Reiki energy healing and mediumship.

All of this life experience has forged who I am, but, like most people, the imposed lockdowns were a time to stop and take stock. That was when I discovered our old religion of Celtic Shamanism. The subject, with its gods, goddesses, rituals and offerings made a lot of things make sense to me archaeologically. I realised that here in Britain we had once had the same deep connection to the earth, ceremony and nature that indigenous Native American tribes (that I had revered for so long), had managed to continue, until the loss of their lands and near-decimation of their sacred traditions by white settlers. I now wanted to discover the ‘old ways’ and learn what I could about Shamanism, to try and help play my part in rebalancing the damage that we have done to the earth and Her people.

It was Tao Te Ching that said, ‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear’. My lockdown quest for knowledge and online training brought the lovely Susie Shiner- seer, shamanic teacher and gifted animal communicator into my awareness.  

I have now studied with Susie for three years and am a very proud graduate of her Animal Communication Apprenticeship & diploma Training Course. If you yourself are called to this path I would urge you to have a look at her website: Susie Shiner 

My journey continues here with Emerald Hearts, and I am excited to see what unfolds for me, as a dedicated animal communicator in my own right. 

With Love and Gratitude to all I have met (and will meet) on my path. In the words of a Native American elder, ‘I honour all with whom we share the Earth, the four-leggeds, two-leggeds, the winged ones, swimmers, crawlers, plant and rock people.